Green shopfloor management at Insta – enhancing production sustainability with digital sensor technology

As a company specializing in digital integration and networking in building technology and in accordance with our Lean principles, we are constantly seeking ways to improve. This pursuit is especially focused on efficiently utilizing resources in the production of electronic solutions. As previously reported, our current Shopfloor Management project aims to integrate elements to enhance resource efficiency. This initiative is designed to raise awareness among our employees, enabling them to develop their own ideas for improving resource consumption. Our Lean Manager, Max Reintke, collaborates closely with digitalization expert Sebastian Bardy, who works as a researcher at TU Darmstadt.

Since June 2023, they have been working intensively with an internal team to expand our existing Shopfloor Management. A preliminary analysis of existing resource consumption data quickly revealed existing challenges: the consumption patterns are rarely accurately attributed to individual consumers.

The digitalization project provides a solution to this problem: the installation of additional sensors for measuring electricity, compressed air, and material consumption for water and nitrogen at critical points now allows us to visualize consumption patterns immediately.

However, the question remains: which part of these consumptions is necessary for production, and how much of it can be saved? To answer this question, the team has developed specific metrics and key figures for resource efficiency that aim to make wastage visible within consumption patterns.

We expect the first results soon and will provide an update shortly.

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