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Lean Production

Lean is firmly embedded in our DNA

In 2010, Insta started the Lean Transformation and today Lean Management is an integral part of our corporate culture. Lean leadership enables us to empower our managers and employees and to continuously improve their competences. As a Best Practice Partner of Staufen AG, we are happy to pass on our experience in lean management, which is why we always welcome factory managers and executives from our partners who want to get their own impression of our production processes as part of the "Best Practice Circle".

Working Group on agile product development at Insta

Representatives from six companies in South Westphalia and Lower Saxony engaged in discussions on agile product development, Lean Leadership, and Lean Production at Insta on November 9th. After a four-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the "AGILE in South Westphalia" working group finally reconvened in person.


Green shopfloor management at Insta – enhancing production sustainability with digital sensor technology

As a company specializing in digital integration and networking in building technology and in accordance with our Lean principles, we are constantly seeking ways to improve. This pursuit is especially focused on efficiently utilizing resources in the production of electronic solutions. As previously reported, our current Shopfloor Management project aims to integrate elements to enhance resource efficiency. This initiative is designed to raise awareness among our employees, enabling them to develop their own ideas for improving resource consumption.


Project start Green Shopfloor Management at Insta

The efficient handling of material and energy consumption in production is a challenge for many companies. Technologically, many good solutions are already known, but isn't there more? Yes! Especially the employees in production have a significant influence on the waste of resources and thus this place of value creation also offers a high savings potential for us.


Insta receives Staufen partnership seal in the categories of smart factory and digital transformation, as well as lean transformation

With this award, Staufen AG recognises the outstanding performance of an ambitious company transformation to promote best-practice solutions in the categories Smart Factory and Digital Transformation as well as Lean Transformation. The new seals underline Insta's orientation towards digitalisation and consolidate the existing successful partnership at the Lüdenscheid company location.


Staufen BestPractice Partner INDUS visiting Insta

On 23 March, STAUFEN. AG visited us with some customers of INDUS Holding. INDUS Holding stands for sustainable corporate investment and development in the German-speaking SME sector and acquires predominantly owner-managed companies from the industrial technology sector and supports them in their entrepreneurial development with a long-term orientation. Specifically, the topics were Lean Production and Shopfloor Management; two pillars in the orientation to implement the Lean Enterprise idea and to bring about a sustainable cultural change in companies.