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Making the world a little better

We responsibly handle the resources of our planet and the people who live on it. We not only focus on the here and now but also think about the world of tomorrow.

Sustainability – going further to endure

Green shopfloor management at Insta – enhancing production sustainability with digital sensor technology

As a company specializing in digital integration and networking in building technology and in accordance with our Lean principles, we are constantly seeking ways to improve. This pursuit is especially focused on efficiently utilizing resources in the production of electronic solutions. As previously reported, our current Shopfloor Management project aims to integrate elements to enhance resource efficiency. This initiative is designed to raise awareness among our employees, enabling them to develop their own ideas for improving resource consumption.


Insta receives bronze in ecovadis rating

As part of the ECOVADIS Sustainability Rating, Insta's approach to sustainability was evaluated, focusing on our transparency and initiatives. Our performance was assessed, weighted, and compared to the benchmark.

We are proud to be awarded the bronze medal in our first rating, showcasing once again that we are already on a good path.


Insta team documentation saves 1.5 tons of paper annually

The ElektroG3 law requires disposal information in paper form for each electronic device. For Insta products alone, this translates to 1.6 million additional leaflets annually, approximately 4.2 tons of paper. Our Documentation team found a way to add disposal information to existing manuals, eliminating the need for extra leaflets. We are currently exploring possibilities to update more manuals, aiming to save even more paper in the future. This project exemplifies our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. Small steps can make a significant impact.


Project start Green Shopfloor Management at Insta

The efficient handling of material and energy consumption in production is a challenge for many companies. Technologically, many good solutions are already known, but isn't there more? Yes! Especially the employees in production have a significant influence on the waste of resources and thus this place of value creation also offers a high savings potential for us.


Trainees take action: together for the preservation of bees on world bee day

At Insta, we firmly believe that youth play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future. Their ideas and initiatives are invaluable - especially when it comes to protecting and preserving bees, like this time. For this reason, we promote our trainees' commitment to environmentally conscious action and encourage them to actively engage in sustainability.


51 kg of corks for a good cause

During our first collection campaign, our employees collected a total of 25,640 crown corks, i.e. 51.28 kilograms! On 4 April, we handed over the collected crown caps to a collection point in Herscheid. The proceeds will go to the "Patientenhilfe Darmkrebs". We will continue to collect crown caps in the company and are sure to top the 51 kg next time.


Insta employees collect for the Lüdenscheider Tafel (food bank)

In the last two weeks, numerous filled tubs and boxes of food donations and hygiene articles were collected for the Tafel Lüdenscheid. We would like to thank all employees who made the project a complete success with all their donations. We are proud that such initiatives are suggested by our colleagues and are just as well received.


Earth Day

It all started in the 1970s in the USA with a spontaneous student movement. Today, Earth Day is celebrated in more than 150 countries around the world!

We would also like to introduce you to the small, rather inconspicuous sustainability topics that have long had a place in our Insta world.


First aiders of tomorrow

Together with local companies and the regional association of South Westphalia of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, we were able to support a in the realisation of the interactive colouring and working brochure "First Aider of Tomorrow". 450 brochures were handed over to the kindergartens in our hometown of Lüdenscheid and now help to convey important contents and behavioural tips for emergency and first aid situations to children at an early age in a playful way. It is important to us that help can be given quickly in an emergency. That is why 129 people, almost one third of our staff, are trained as first aiders.