We take responsibility

For us, taking responsibility means being mindful of the resources of our planet and the people who live on it. We think today about the world of tomorrow. Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture and strategy. We actively work every day to secure the future for ourselves and the next generations.

Our dedication to sustainability deepens every day.
We are on our way – our 2030 Agenda.

For us, innovation means being one step ahead in all areas of business. That is why we work every day to refine and optimise our practices and processes.


  • ISO 14001:2015 certified environmental management
  • Resource-efficient use of energy, water, and raw materials
  • Energy monitoring
  • Geothermal energy for heating
  • CO2 balancing (Scope 1+2) for assessment and reduction
  • CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)

Work time

  • Flexible work schedules, such as remote work options
  • Work-life balance, including our shift patterns accommodating family needs
  • Retirement transition programs
  • Parental leave models


  • Workplace health management initiatives
  • Dedicated social contact person
  • Vocational reintegration programs
  • Annual participation in company runs (Firmenlauf) since 2004
  • Regular health-focused activities and campaigns for all employees


  • Company pension scheme
  • Job bike leasing
  • Corporate benefits program
  • Employee app
  • On-site canteen

Training and further education

  • Recognized training facility
  • Accessible study programs for all employees
  • Management workshops
  • Girls & Boys Days
  • Career exploration days

Economy and Products

  • Focus on product innovations
  • High product quality with long lifespan
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Lean Management practices
  • Internal risk management
  • ECOVADIS certification
  • Establishment of a supplier management system
  • Data protection and security
  • Over 350 patents

Culture and values

  • Transparency
  • Open corporate culture
  • Promotion of diversity, inclusion, and equality
  • Occupational safety, accident prevention, and health protection
  • Social engagement in the region


  • Compliance measures
  • Safeguarding human rights
  • Prevention of corruption
  • Materiality analysis
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • Code of Conduct adherence
  • Commitment to social responsibility
  • Freedom of speech
  • Compliance with laws and regulations

Conflict minerals

  • RoHs II compliance
  • Reach compliance
  • Reduction of conflict minerals and pollutants


Insta receives bronze in ecovadis rating

As part of the ECOVADIS Sustainability Rating, Insta's approach to sustainability was evaluated, focusing on our transparency and initiatives. Our performance was assessed, weighted, and compared to the benchmark.

We are proud to be awarded the bronze medal in our first rating, showcasing once again that we are already on a good path.


Insta team documentation saves 1.5 tons of paper annually

The ElektroG3 law requires disposal information in paper form for each electronic device. For Insta products alone, this translates to 1.6 million additional leaflets annually, approximately 4.2 tons of paper. Our Documentation team found a way to add disposal information to existing manuals, eliminating the need for extra leaflets. We are currently exploring possibilities to update more manuals, aiming to save even more paper in the future. This project exemplifies our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. Small steps can make a significant impact.


Project start Green Shopfloor Management at Insta

The efficient handling of material and energy consumption in production is a challenge for many companies. Technologically, many good solutions are already known, but isn't there more? Yes! Especially the employees in production have a significant influence on the waste of resources and thus this place of value creation also offers a high savings potential for us.


Trainees take action: together for the preservation of bees on world bee day

At Insta, we firmly believe that youth play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future. Their ideas and initiatives are invaluable - especially when it comes to protecting and preserving bees, like this time. For this reason, we promote our trainees' commitment to environmentally conscious action and encourage them to actively engage in sustainability.


51 kg of corks for a good cause

During our first collection campaign, our employees collected a total of 25,640 crown corks, i.e. 51.28 kilograms! On 4 April, we handed over the collected crown caps to a collection point in Herscheid. The proceeds will go to the "Patientenhilfe Darmkrebs". We will continue to collect crown caps in the company and are sure to top the 51 kg next time.


more news about sustainability

We are on our way – our 2030 agenda

Our vision goes far beyond a passion for electronics. We share a common goal: our actions should have a positive impact on the world we live in, starting with our home, the beautiful Sauerland region.

#1 CO² Footprint

Insta contributes to reducing global CO2 emissions. We assess our emissions and identify local strategies for reduction. By 2024, we're establishing charging infrastructure to encourage our employees to transition to electric mobility. Additionally, our vehicle fleet will gradually shift to electric vehicles. Waste heat recovery is a key focus for the coming years.

#2 Sustainable thinking and action

We create a future-oriented work environment. Mobile work options, renewable energy sources, electric mobility, and reducing paper and plastic usage are just some examples of our efforts and measures to establish a sustainable workplace. We take pride in our employees' high level of responsibility, social engagement, and active contributions to the company.

#3 Green Innovation

At Insta, digitalization and sustainability go hand in hand. We work daily to reduce energy consumption, efficiently use resources, and optimize supply chains. We continuously leverage new processes, technologies, and methods in our development and manufacturing.

#4 Together socially and sustainably

People are at the core of our focus, whether they are employees, customers, or suppliers. With this conviction, we work at various levels and through different initiatives towards creating a future worth living – for all of us. Equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion are integral parts of our values because our employees give us their most valuable assets every day: their time and expertise.

#5 Our products are future-proof and durable

Through innovative products and holistic thinking, we bridge the gap between economic success, progress, and sustainability. The longevity of our products represents the most effective form of sustainability – a guarantee we've upheld for over 50 years.


What can we do as a company to protect the environment? We address this question every day. In doing so, we think about the issue holistically. It starts with our production, which we design to conserve resources and to reduce emissions. Here we think further and include renewable energy sources, for example. For us, however, environmental protection does not end with production. We see it as our duty to participate in sustainable projects in the region - for example, by reforesting the Lüdenscheid forests. With these and many other projects, activities and commitments, we want to make our contribution to a sustainable future.

Social matters

When it comes to sustainability, most people first think of environmental protection. But that doesn't go far enough. We also understand sustainability as having a positive influence on coexistence in our society. That's why we promote the social idea at Insta with many offers for our employees. This includes not only health programmes, flexible working time concepts and the strengthening of the "we" through regular joint events - we also promote the skilled workers of tomorrow through good training and further education opportunities.

Corporate Governance

As a company, we bear a responsibility for ourselves and society. That is why it is a matter of course for us to comply with guidelines and to firmly anchor risk management in our company. Our internal transparency and responsible approach to ethical issues distinguish us as a modern and future-oriented company. The continuous expansion of our sustainability management is an important and prioritised concern for us, because we can only protect our common future if we think outside the box.

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