Heat It

The smart insect bite healer – produced in Lüdenscheid

With their idea of a smart insect bite healer for people on the go, four former students from Karlsruhe made a name for themselves through their appearance in a well-known start-up TV show. In the meantime, Kamedi GmbH has grown from that idea into a successful start-up that sells its medical product internationally. The number of units has increased so much that in 2022 the founders were looking for an electronics company in Germany that could reliably manufacture the product in large quantities. We are proud that the Kamedi GmbH team chose Insta and we are pleased to be part of an innovation like "heat it" as an EMS service provider.

Quick feedback and quality that fits

What I find really strong is simply how the cooperation works. That means that you always get feedback very quickly on any topic and in the end the quality is right and things are progressing well.

Christof Reuter, CTO Kamedi GmbH

Growing together with the projects

It is also interesting for Insta to grow together with a young company. "Heat it" is establishing itself on the market and Insta is there from the beginning and Kamedi and Insta are growing together with the projects that are still to come.

Oliver Fauth, Key Account Manager Insta GmbH

Production in Germany

Production in Germany is also important to us. We make sure that our suppliers come from the vicinity so that we can be sure of the quality.

Armin Meyer, COO Kamedi GmbH

The operating principle of heat it

To relieve itching and pain, the affected area of the skin is briefly heated to approx. 51 °C. The nerves of the skin react to this heat impulse. According to the current state of research, it is assumed that this reduces the transmission of the stimulus. This means that the itch signal can no longer be transmitted correctly and the need to scratch disappears. In order to achieve this itch-relieving effect on the skin nerves, a brief heat pain is necessary. This medically proven active principle of hyperthermia can be used for mosquito, horsefly, bee, and wasp bites.

Miniaturised electronics
on flexible circuit boards

As a miniaturised electronic product, heat is manufactured on a flexible printed circuit (FPC). Thanks to our modern SMT production, we are also able to produce such assemblies in high quality and quantities. Integrated SPI and AOI ensure optimal control of the assembly and soldering process.

About the customer Kamedi GmbH

Insect bites can be treated effectively with heat, but there must also be a "smart" bite healer. With this incentive, four founders began to develop an innovative medical product while still studying engineering. In the meantime, this idea has turned into Kamedi GmbH - a dynamic start-up from Karlsruhe with its own development and production.

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