Insta supports campaign for an open and inclusive German economy

"27% of all employed people in Germany have a migration background*." This is how the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) on its website begins its statement on its initiative for an open and inclusive economic location in Germany.

"At Insta, people from 12 nations work together, and among our over 520 employees, around 40 percent have a migration background," explains Managing Director Alfred Vrieling. "Without these colleagues, Insta would not be the company it is today. Our diversity sets us apart and enriches our daily work. We cultivate a culture where everyone can express themselves freely and take on responsibility, regardless of their background."

By adopting the campaign logo, Insta commits to diversity and openness in the German economy. The company takes a stand against any form of xenophobia and supports diversity and a welcoming environment, reflecting the company's values and culture.

27 Percent of Us – #NoEconomyWithoutUs

*(Source: Federal Statistical Office, Microcensus 2022 - Population with a Migration Background)

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