Insta receives Staufen partnership seal in the categories of smart factory and digital transformation, as well as lean transformation

Lean & Digital Transformation at Insta

With this award, Staufen AG acknowledges the outstanding achievement of an ambitious corporate transformation aimed at promoting best practice solutions in the categories of Smart Factory and Digital Transformation, as well as Lean Transformation. These new seals emphasise Insta's focus on digitization and strengthen the existing successful partnership at the company's location in Lüdenscheid.

Since 2016, Insta GmbH has been a Staufen Best Practice Partner in the field of Card-Board Engineering. In 2020, as part of a maturity level audit, the company also received certification as a Best Practice Partner for Shopfloor Management.
In 2021, Insta was certified in the areas of Leadership and Operations, proving as a Staufen Best Practice Partner that the company has successfully implemented Lean Management processes and continues to evolve.

Over a decade ago, Insta GmbH embarked on the path of Lean Transformation, starting with pilot projects in process excellence (manufacturing, assembly, plant structure) and leadership excellence (SFM Light) with synchronised logistics integration. They then introduced value stream segmented operations with a 4-stage SFM cascade and implemented workstream assistants (Hanchos) using the KATA for value stream optimization.

Staufen AG's Best Practice Partners are market leaders, technology leaders, and hidden champions. They all represent companies that have successfully implemented Lean Management processes and continue to evolve.

Customers of the consulting company have the opportunity to experience best practice examples firsthand during visits and seminars at Insta's premises in Lüdenscheid.

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