Earth Day

We are convinced that even many small measures can make a big contribution

Our apple trees

Apple trees have been growing on our premises for twenty years and when the fruit is ripe in autumn, our employees can enjoy delicious apples straight from the tree. Of course, our fruit trees also help to preserve biodiversity. So it's a good thing all round!

By the way: On the occasion of World Bee Day on 20 May, our trainees will set up nesting aids for wild bees to offer our native wild bees another opportunity to reproduce - because without insects, there is no pollination of fruit and vegetable plants.

Our drinking water stations

With our drinking water stations in the canteen and the floor kitchens, we not only quench the thirst of our employees. By dispensing with plastic bottles, we naturally also save a lot of packaging waste, because our reusable glass bottles are definitely a sustainable product due to their durability, which integrates inconspicuously into our everyday working life.

Our "Printer project"

Already in 2019, a large internal "printer project" was implemented on the initiative of our IT and the participants of the then High Potential Programme. At that time, we eliminated a total of 87 printers in the units and replaced them with 11 decentralised printers. Through this decentralisation, we were able to reduce energy consumption for printing by 92%, which corresponds to a saving of ~1,000 kg CO2 per year. Furthermore, in addition to reducing maintenance and administration costs (e.g. IT, purchasing), we were able to reduce the nuisance caused by ozone and noise in the office areas.

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