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Conception and
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Development of hard-
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Production of small
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Quality &
product lifecycle management

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Our company motto "Bringing Technology to Life" also applies to a collaborative and customised implementation. This motto is reflected in our "EEMS 360-degree competence" - our promise to you that you will always have a future-proof serial product in your hands. Our attention to detail, which can have a significant impact on electronics, is noticeable in all areas. In addition to smoothly transitioning your product idea into series production, we offer professional support and proven services.

Logistics and product lifecycle management are also part of our 360° concept. With our expertise, production capacities, and flexible solutions, we ensure the successful serial production of your product. Together, we design the appropriate concept and manufacture the product. Our approach is to continuously improve the project using agile development methods. During the product development process (PDP), we use traditional milestones to monitor project progress and combine them with agile or iterative methods, allowing us to fulfil your wishes with hybrid processes. Our production processes are guided by lean management methods and constantly optimised while keeping our shared quality standards in mind.

conception and
system engineering

You have an idea for a new product - we take care of its realisation. With our team of requirement engineers and system engineers, we qualify your requirements and analyse all possibilities with a clear perspective to identify any potential obstacles. Our common goal is to develop your product within the defined time and cost framework.

Our engineers work with

Requirement Specification

The requirements specification precisely defines the framework conditions and ensures that we are working towards the same goal together. This includes key information such as project costs, duration, and deliverable price.

preliminary concept

Based on your data and all requirements for your product idea, we develop a preliminary concept and derive a rough cost estimate from it. This gives us an initial overview of the expected effort, time constraints, estimated costs, and potential deliverable price.

Detailed Concept

Similar to a detailed development and production manual for your electronics, the detailed concept is crucial for us. By designing both the preliminary concept and detailed concept in a scalable manner, we can simulate different project variants. This ensures that we can always tailor our approach to your specific needs.

Development of
Hard-and Software

To achieve our goal quickly and securely, we work together with you at the beginning to select the appropriate development process. Drawing from our extensive experience in this field, we have a wide range of options to shape the Product Development Process (PDP). In the PDP, we traditionally use milestones to monitor project progress. However, within this process, we have the flexibility to work with the V-model, agile methodologies, iterative approaches, or hybrid methods.


From the very beginning of developing the initial prototypes, we prioritise the comprehensive normative requirements related to safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Our extensive experience in standards plays a crucial role in this aspect, as we ensure compliance with the relevant norms throughout the development process.

Production of small and large Series

We value flexibility and customer service. Whether it's small-scale or large-scale production, we tailor our manufacturing process to meet your specific requirements. Built on the principles of Lean Production, our modern Shopfloor Management ensures continuous improvement in the manufacturing of your products.

Automatic soldering of
THT components

In our facilities, we have streamlined the processes of THT assembly, testing, final assembly, labeling, and packaging, thereby minimizing waste.
In some cases, soldering robots are also employed here, offering the following advantages:

  • Streamlining repetitive processes for enhanced efficiency
  • Production of small batch sizes where wave soldering masks are not cost-effective
  • Execution of solder joints where wave soldering is not feasible
  • Ensuring consistent soldering quality through camera-assisted setup and inspection.

Made in Germany

We stand for quality, reliability, and innovation. State-of-the-art Fuji SMT systems with a unique set-up concept ensure maximum flexibility. Our fully automated production, the standstill-free set-up on two lines and the final AOI control enable fast and safe production. This enables us to process more than 250 million components per year.

Our intelligent testing technology covers the entire value chain. With a final quality assurance, we ensure that your products are delivered flawlessly.


Moderne Value Stream Design for Optimised Troughput Times

State-of-the-art intralogistics and our own small parts warehouse with 25,000 bin locations ensure that every component is reliably available for further processing. With the help of the Kanban value stream design and storage locations close to the workstation, we optimise throughput times and avoid bottlenecks. Further logistics services include both the packaging of products according to your specifications and on-time delivery.

Shopfloor Management

Shop floor management at Insta is more than transparency through numbers and visual management: it is the foundation of our improvement culture.

Stephan Filthuth, Head of Supply Chain

LEAN Production

Lean Production means enabling our team to improve the Insta daily in terms of quality, cost, time, and flexibility.

André Barthelmey, Lean Manager

Test engineering

At Insta we invest in top equipment, so we as developers have the best prerequisites to develop products of the highest quality.

Stefan Wüller, Unit Leader Hardware Networks

quality and product lifecycle management

We keep your product in focus - at all times.

Of course, we not only take care of the production of your product, but we also support you in product maintenance, install necessary updates and maintain your apps (OS management). You also no longer need to worry about normative changes. We keep an eye on everything and react immediately to changes that are important for your product.

Especially in the field of electronics, development progresses very quickly. Our obsolescence management proactively provides you with all the important information. This enables you to realign your strategy in a good time. We offer you deeper insights into sensible adjustments with our retrospective product, process, supply chain and cost optimisations.


KNX gateway for easy coloured light control via DALI Colour Control

With the new DALI Gateway Colour, complex dynamic light scenes can be realised in the simplest way via DALI Colour Control.
For commissioning and setting up the dynamic light scenes, Insta specially developed an Device Configuration App (DCA) as an extension of the ETS6/ETS5.


KNX dimming actuator with optimised characteristics for HV LED lamps

In the latest version of our KNX dimming actuator, the requirements of our customers for a modern dimmer for high-voltage LED lamps have been implemented. In addition to a significantly reduced size and lower minimum load, the 4-gang dimmer now also has a KNX Data Secure Stack.


Secure communication thanks to KNX Data Secure Stack

Insta is the first company on the market to have developed and certified a manufacturer-neutral Data Secure Stack for KNX installations. The KNX Data Secure Stack protects all critical system parts from unauthorised access.