do you have an idea for a new product?
we take care of the realisation.

With a team of requirements engineers and system engineers, we qualify the requirements and analyse all possibilities with a clear perspective to identify any potential obstacles and develop your product within the defined time and cost constraints.

In transparent communication, our interdisciplinary team consisting of sales, product management, and system engineering initiates the development process by defining the interfaces and compiling the requirements for the specific product.

Together, we clarify all important aspects of the project, such as traceability, logistics, coordination, and relevant safety standards. We continuously assess the feasibility of the product idea to avoid errors and achieve the goal within the set time and cost framework.

understanding requirements
and implementing them

At Insta, we employ various methods and tools that have proven successful in recent years. This ensures that we always deliver the highest quality and satisfaction to you. Below, we provide you with an overview of our methods and practices. If you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you! We are always attentive to your needs and are delighted to assist you further.

Product development process

At Insta, we follow our own Product Development Process (PDP), which combines a classical PDP approach with an additional development process. In the Insta PEP that we have designed, we utilise traditional milestones to track project progress, while also incorporating an alternative approach. Within this process, we have the flexibility to work with agile, iterative methods or hybrid approaches, following the V-model if required.

We prioritise your unique customer requirements for each project. This is what sets us apart. It is only through collaboration that we bring technology to life.

agile product development

At Insta, we strive to work in an agile manner whenever it is feasible and appropriate. Being agile means placing the product and your needs as the client at the centre of our development focus.

The significant advantage of agile product development lies in its result-oriented project planning, which allows for flexible changes during the product creation process. Our teams collaborate closely with you and are supported by our Agile Coaches to apply agile development methods effectively.

Being agile requires working in a self-responsible and trouble-free manner. We draw on a wealth of experience and transfer the knowledge we have learned to new use cases time and again.

The close exchange in the agile development process with you, supported by feedback loops and regular reviews, ensures that the finished product meets your requirements and needs.

Lean Management

In 2010, Insta embarked on its Lean transformation journey. Since then, a lot has changed, and we can proudly say that Lean is deeply ingrained in our DNA.

We live this philosophy, along with various methods and principles that foster the engagement of our employees and bring out their best every day. We have been able to transform processes and operations to add value to the end product. With Lean leadership, we empower our leaders and employees, continuously improving their skills and competencies. As a BestPractice partner of Staufen AG, we gladly share our experience in Lean management. As part of the "BestPractice Circle," we welcome plant managers and executives from the partner network to visit us in Lüdenscheid and witness our production processes firsthand.

Lean Leadership

Shopfloor Management

Shopfloor Management means direct interaction with employees at the place where value is created. At Insta, Shopfloor Management is primarily a leadership task that involves stable processes, standardisation, performance measurement, identification of abnormalities, daily performance review, systematic problem-solving, and continuous improvement processes (KVP/PDCA).

On the Shopfloor boards, employees can see a clear overview of key performance indicators related to areas such as downtime, system performance, scrap/rework, and on-time delivery.

Insta has had the following achievements, among others, since the introduction of Shopfloor Management:

  • Transparency through figures and visual management
  • Embedding a Go & See culture
  • Staff development and empowerment
  • Team talks openly & unembellished about problem
  • Significant increase in implementation speed

For you as a client, this type of management culture means the highest quality, speed, adherence to deadlines and transparency.


  • Reduce pseudo errors by almost 80%
  • Multiple machine operation
  • Direct feedback on failures
  • New key figures for process improvement

Hoshin Kanri for target development in our production

We implement the corporate strategy across all levels.

Tools such as the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Act, Check) and stand-up meetings, which we call stand-ups, ensure a constant exchange at the point of value creation, which we live within the framework of Shopfloor management.

Hancho structure of our value stream assistants

  • Appropriate management span
  • Leadership at the place of value creation (Hancho Office)
  • Independent teams from reactive to preventive, e.g., in the area of maintenance

Error prevention through Poka Yoke in our production

  • 5S Method (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain)
  • One-piece flow
  • Separation of value creation and logistics
  • OHIO principle (Only handle it once)
  • Value stream orientation and two-bin Kanban
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