KNX dimming actuator 4-gang

Our expertise
in this project

  • Conception
  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Creation of application programs for the ETS
  • Certification (KNX, VDE)
  • Industrialisation
  • Manufacturing

Dimming characteristics and minimum load
optimised for LED lamps

Modern LED lamps pose special challenges for the dimmer technology used. For example, many high-voltage LED retrofit lamps are labelled as "dimmable", but they behave completely differently when controlled via a dimmer, depending on the manufacturer and version. We have solved our customers' demand for a homogeneous brightness curve with the greatest possible variety of LED lamps with two innovations in the dimming actuator: on the one hand, the minimum load has been reduced to 1 watt, so that even LED lamps with low wattages can be dimmed without flickering. For the optimal setting of the brightness curve, different dimming characteristics have also been implemented, which can be set separately for each output in the ETS.

Secure communication thanks to
KNX Data Secure Stack

To meet the increasing demands for security against hacking attacks, Insta developed the first manufacturer independent KNX Data Secure stack in 2020. This stack is also used in the KNX Dimming Actuator. The devices are equipped with a device certificate in the form of a QR code. Using this code, the installer can commission the devices via the ETS using KNX Data Secure. By implementing KNX Data Secure and monitoring the relevant development steps by our Cyber-Security Officer, we can provide our customers with a highly secure product.

Same performance with halved housing width

A special challenge was the request from our customers to halve the size of the dimming actuator from 8TE to 4TE compared to the previous version. Thanks to our many years of experience in sizing and heat dissipation of power electronics in tight spaces, we were able to meet this requirement as well.

Delivery as a complete unit

After the development, we also took over the VDE submission for the KNX dimming actuator according to the VDE standard EN 60669. EMC measurements accompanying the development and submission for certification at the KNX Association were also part of our service.

We deliver the KNX dimming actuator 4-fold to our customers as a pre-packaged complete device including customer-specific operating instructions, technical documentation and ETS product data.

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