Alfred Vrieling becomes new managing director at Insta GmbH

Together with Alexander Burgbacher, Alfred Vrieling now forms the new dual leadership of the Lüdenscheid-based electronics specialist Insta GmbH

Together with Alexander Burgbacher, Alfred Vrieling now forms the new dual leadership of the Lüdenscheid-based electronics specialist, Insta GmbH.

Since May 2nd, Alfred Vrieling has taken on the role of Managing Director at Insta GmbH, joining the existing leadership under Alexander Burgbacher. In addition to overseeing sales, product management, marketing, HR, finance and controlling, as well as IT, Vrieling is also responsible for the areas of digitalization and the energy transition at the medium-sized company in Lüdenscheid.

"I have been familiar with Insta GmbH since 1994. For me, the subsidiary is characterized by its high technological competence, high-quality products, and long-term decision-making. Throughout its history, Insta has continuously provided new impulses for standardization in new markets and industries through its innovation strength. Expanding and further developing this potential is a very exciting challenge," explains Alfred Vrieling.

In his initial phase, the new Managing Director is focused on getting to know the people at Insta GmbH and the company better. Vrieling considers them the core of his work and believes that a complete understanding of the organizational structure is essential. Regional responsibility, equal value, and reliability are absolute core values for him. The goal is to explore new business fields for Insta GmbH, which will help the company unleash its core competencies in the long run.

In addition to his new responsibilities, Vrieling is also passionate about key topics such as digitalization, the energy transition, and future decentralized energy generation. He is particularly interested in energy optimization in the private and building sectors, which holds significant potential.

"For many companies, it is becoming increasingly important to have their own sustainability strategy in order to even engage with potential new businesses. A strategy is a blueprint—it must always fit the company and be authentic. The first steps have already been taken at Insta, and we will continue to expand on them," says Vrieling.

The new Managing Director looks positively towards the future. He will work to ensure that Insta GmbH, with its high technological knowledge, will be significantly involved in future developments. His vision is influenced by his professional background in the electromobility industry, allowing him to assess economic and industry-specific developments and integrate them into operational business areas in line with Insta GmbH's goals.

About Alfred Vrieling
Alfred Vrieling began his career in the traditional market environment of installation technology. At Spelsberg he successfully built up and expanded the international business before moving to the traditional company Mennekes in the field of electric mobility - at a time when the electric car was still in the discovery phase and no one believed that the technology would become established at all. He also gained experience as VP Sales and Marketing at a listed company. Due to his long-standing proximity to electric mobility, Alfred Vrieling was able to deal intensively with the energy transition and decentralised energy generation.  

About Insta GmbH
Insta GmbH is an electronics specialist based in Lüdenscheid in North Rhine-Westphalia. The company is a research, development and manufacturing centre for digital networking in building technology - and a think tank for the future of building automation. With around 500 employees, Insta GmbH generates around 75 million euros in sales with products and OEM components: from dimmers for LED lights to solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Insta has been a specialist in building and lighting automation for over 50 years. As a co-founder of the KNX Association, Insta understands the importance of uniform standards to ensure the smooth interconnection of the various components in home and building automation. Insta was founded in 1970 as a technology-driven joint venture of German socket outlet and switch manufacturers - to this day, Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG (Radevormwald) and Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG (Schalksmühle) are each half shareholders in the company.

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