Plug & Light is expanding its partner network and product portfolio

Being the system developer of Plug & Light, we are particularly delighted to warmly welcome the following six new partners on board: The luminaire manufacturers of Axolight, Grossmann, Ingo Maurer, Nyta and sg who provide for selected designs, will now also offer creative lighting solutions for Plug & Light. In addition to this, Brumberg, being one of the first Plug & Light members right from the start, brings its sixth Plug & Light series onto the market. In being able to gain COR as a partner, Plug & Light is now celebrating a premiere in regards to furniture. Here, Plug & Light attachments have been integrated into one of COR’s high-quality seating furniture series. On top of this, further and new Plug & Light switch designs will come from the houses of Gira and Jung. System developer Insta will henceforth provide for smart functions and new light socket variations for ceiling applications.

​​​​​​​It would have been great to have experienced Plug & Light’s new diversity with you at the Light + Building 2020 in Frankfurt but unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic, a personal get-together has had to fall by the wayside. Nevertheless, you can still discover these new opportunities by digital means.

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