Lights, blinds and switches turn smart with NEXENTRO

Intelligently connected

In using Zigbee 3.0 for all of its NEXENTRO components, Insta shows that it is fully up to date with the latest in standards. Zigbee 3.0 offers an energy efficient communications protocol where different brands can blend and are thus compatible with each other. In by doing so, our technology solutions can smoothly dock on to conventional systems without any hitches. The wireless connection enables the appliances to communicate with one another and at the same time allows for a low power consumption. Thanks to its quick installation and along with the Zigbee Standard radio appliances, this makes it to be one of the simplest solutions for the intelligent management of smart living. If so required, our products also support Bluetooth.

Easy to install

The NEXENTRO Zigbee modules can either be installed in the appliance box behind an existing control panel, in a luminaire or in a false ceiling. They can be configured via app and operated as usual over the app, per voice control or manually by switch.

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