Insta GmbH invests in Koh Young 3D AOI and 3D SPI

Two production lines with around 2000 different products per year and up to 22 product changes per shift – speedy product changes from small to medium-sized series is part of everyday life at Insta. To further ensure that a comprehensive quality product is given, even with this diversity, we have now invested in 3D AOIs and 3D SPIs from Koh Young.

After a short space of time in offline operation, Insta GmbH has already integrated two 3D AOIs into its production lines. With this investment, which is part of the successive improvement of its processes, Insta GmbH now expects above all, an increase in the quality of the components produced in line with a simultaneous reduction of the line outages. Stephan Filthuth, Head of Production Systems, sees that his expectations are now met: “With the new AOI, we are able to detect substantially more component and soldering defects than before. Also, the setting-up process for new components is significantly faster.

In choosing a new system, the key criteria that had to be met was upholding the line cycle time with its fast product changes, the many varying products (some of those being in small batches) along with the time required for the program creation, the analysis times at AOI and SPI as well as the false call rate of the machine. The decision for the Koh Young systems was based on a benchmark: “Where the false call rate was concerned, Koh Young delivered by far the best results”, says Efthimia Palkanikou, Value Stream Manager at Insta, "We were also convinced by the software's easy operation and the swift execution of the test depaneling.

In addition to the system’s performance, technical support also played a role in the decision: With SmartRep GmbH as Koh Young Systems service partner, Insta has made a sound choice. “Insta is well positioned with the Koh Young Systems”, approves Andrea Keller, Managing Director of SmartRep GmbH, “high product quality brings long-term advantages and with the analysis tools of the Koh Young systems, Insta GmbH can now draw on conclusions from the entire process and thus push process improvements forward”.
Insta GmbH is looking forward to future projects with SmartRep GmbH as a partner and soon the SPI systems will be integrated into the lines. With this step, Stephan Filthuth and his team expect a further increase in quality, the early detection of soldering paste defects and a reduction in outages at the end of the line.

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