Audit certifies Shopfloor Management a "very good level”

Staufen AG takes Insta on as "BestPractice Partner" in Shopfloor Management

A role model in LEAN Management since 2016

As early as 2016, Insta had already taken the leap to become a Staufen BestPractice Partner. Being a consulting company for Lean Management, Staufen AG certified us as playing a pioneering role in the sense of value added – this was where the segment Card-Board Engineering was concerned. Now, you can imagine that we are even more pleased to say that this role has recently been strengthened and expanded. In the course of the maturity audit on 16.11.2020, Dr. Werner Laub from Staufen AG certified our Shopfloor management to be "at a very good level", which means that we can now also be considered as a “Best Practice Partner” for this segment.

From everyday communication practices to employee competency

The following sections were evaluated during the one-day maturity analysis - everyday communication practices, process confirmation, problem solving, CIP and employee competence.

The everyday communication practices were carried out as stand-up meeting over 4 levels along with the corresponding performance indicators.

For the process confirmation, the establishment and consistent implementation of standards was followed and tracked on so-called T-Card Boards. Important points here were for example, standardised set-ups, the training of new employees and/or new processes to increase efficiency or improve quality.

A further aspect was the structured approach to sustainable problem solving. At Insta, we use the A3 problem solving method in combination with the Kepner Tregoe method. This enables us to clearly differentiate between errors and problems.
Where CIP is concerned, we follow a targeted enhancement programme in certain areas which are taken from our Hoshin Kanri planning and which then show up within the development of the key figures. We will continue to methodically develop the processing of CIP’s in 2021.

The selective qualification and development of our employees in professional, methodical and personal aspects stand paramount without having to specify any solutions. It is our aim that on the shopfloor we develop as a team, that we learn together so as to succeed together. Our vision of the ideal supervisor is one who as a coach or mentor, applies the right questioning techniques to sustainably promote the individual responsibility of his staff.

From previous customer audits, we have received very positive responses about our shopfloor management, and we are naturally very pleased over the Staufen “Best Practice Award”. To strive for "perfection" is our goal and one that we will probably never reach, but nevertheless, we work at it every day - and that is what counts.

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