For over 50 years, we have been developing and manufacturing electronics for building technology, and in the process, we have gained a wealth of knowledge. We understand what it means to accommodate electronics in tight spaces and how to achieve optimal heat management in enclosed construction areas.
Today, we incorporate all of these experiences into many of our developments, which go beyond components for building technology. We design electronic solutions for a wide range of areas, including both connected and non-connected components. Our expertise extends to intelligent and conventional circuits, actuators, sensors, and human-machine interfaces (HMI).

There is only one door between development and production

What the electronics should be able to do is entirely up to you: you have the idea, and we turn it into a finished product. In this process, you can rely on our over 50 years of experience and the unique combination of development and production at a single location.
During the development phase, our engineers regularly coordinate with manufacturing technologists, which brings many advantages to your product. The goal from the beginning is to be able to produce the product safely and cost-effectively. With our in-house SMT and THT production, we can quickly provide reliable insights into the industrialization of your product idea.

Your idea, our expertise

For the realisation of your product, you can rely on a variety of technologies, and their implementation expertise is directly available in-house:

Hardware development
  • Hardware circuits for actuation
  • Sensors for capturing physical measurements (e.g., for heating and climate control)
  • Transmission techniques as well as radio technology with own antenna design and laboratory for measurements during development
Software development
  • Application and software development for embedded systems (bare-metal or with suitable operating systems)
  • Development and customization of operating software (drivers, frameworks, proprietary operating systems)
  • Integration of standardised communication stacks
  • Integration and development of mobile apps
  • Connected Electronics for Smart Homes (KNX, DALI, Matter, Zigbee, Bluetooth Mesh, Thread, Bluetooth LE)
  • Network connectivity via Ethernet or WiFi
  • Data transmission via Universal Serial Bus (USB)
  • Cloud Integration
Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI)
  • Buttons, touch sensors and rotary encoders
  • Capacitive touch sensors
  • Signalling and information processing (with colour-matched RGB LEDs on request)
  • Displays with and without touch function


KNX gateway for easy coloured light control via DALI Colour Control

With the new DALI Gateway Colour, complex dynamic light scenes can be realised in the simplest way via DALI Colour Control.
For commissioning and setting up the dynamic light scenes, Insta specially developed an Device Configuration App (DCA) as an extension of the ETS6/ETS5.


KNX dimming actuator with optimised characteristics for HV LED lamps

In the latest version of our KNX dimming actuator, the requirements of our customers for a modern dimmer for high-voltage LED lamps have been implemented. In addition to a significantly reduced size and lower minimum load, the 4-gang dimmer now also has a KNX Data Secure Stack.


Secure communication thanks to KNX Data Secure Stack

Insta is the first company on the market to have developed and certified a manufacturer-neutral Data Secure Stack for KNX installations. The KNX Data Secure Stack protects all critical system parts from unauthorised access.


Your product:
secure from every angle

Security has many facets, and we aim to address and answer as many of them as possible for your product:


We take responsibility for your product, from its creation to market launch and throughout its lifecycle. We strive for your product to have a long functional life, minimal failures, and receive updates for as long as possible (for intelligent solutions).


We are knowledgeable about relevant standards and regulations for your product. During the development process, we conduct testing in our own laboratories to ensure compliance with aspects such as electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and conformity with national and international radio frequency standards.


We are experienced in the necessary certifications and can perform them for your product upon request. This allows your idea to reach market readiness quickly.


Nearly every product with an interface is susceptible to attacks, even without being connected to the internet. External ports or wireless interfaces can make your product vulnerable to potential hacking attempts. Recognizing this challenge, we have employed a dedicated Cybersecurity Officer since 2021. This professional considers all aspects of protecting your product from external attacks, not only during development but throughout its entire lifecycle.