Apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development (m/f/d)

what you can look forward to

As an IT specialist for system integration (m/f/d), you will be responsible for integrating hardware and software components to ensure a smooth IT system at Insta as a future expert in system integration. You will ensure that the IT infrastructure functions reliably and efficiently. As an apprentice, you will work closely with other professionals such as system administrators and network technicians.

Your tasks as an IT specialist for system integration (m/f/d) include planning and installing hardware and software components, configuring networks, servers, and clients, administering databases, and monitoring system performance. You will also ensure compliance with security standards to protect our systems from threats.

Another important aspect of the work of an IT specialist for system integration (m/f/d) is troubleshooting. When a problem occurs, you need to quickly and effectively identify the cause and resolve the issue to minimise downtime. This often requires close collaboration with other professionals such as the helpdesk team or end-users to identify the root cause of the problem and take the necessary actions.

As an IT specialist for system integration (m/f/d), you must also be able to explain technical concepts and solutions in an understandable manner and effectively communicate with customers, employees, and other team members. This requires good communication skills and an understanding of Insta's business processes.

dual study + apprenticeship = flexible combination

To prepare you optimally for your final exams and your future professional life, you will also attend Cuno-Berufskolleg I in Hagen twice a week in addition to your practical apprenticeship training.

The apprenticeship usually lasts for three years. With good performance during the apprenticeship, it can be shortened, of course.

We offer the following dual study program in combination with the apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system administration (m/f/d):

  • Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.) at the University of Applied Sciences Südwestfalen in Iserlohn

In this degree programme, you first learn the basics of mathematics and information technology. From the fourth semester onwards, you can choose between specialisation in application development, artificial intelligence, or system integration. In addition, there are many other subjects that are taught as part of the degree programme.

  • Business Informatics (B.Sc.) at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts

This degree programme teaches content and methods from business administration, computer science, social sciences, and communications engineering. Here you will be prepared for the tasks of an IT expert and assist specialist departments in solving business management problems.

You are not yet sure whether this training occupation is something for you? Then we would like to offer you the opportunity to do a student internship with us to find out. Please apply here.


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