Smart Work at Insta

Professional and private life in harmony

As much as we appreciate our offices and our region, since the pandemic, most of us have come to know and appreciate remote work. That's why at Insta, we continue to embrace hybrid and mobile work, in short, "Smart Work." What matters to us is the outcome and that you work in a way that suits you best.

We have learned that high performance, teamwork, and personal development can also thrive in a hybrid work environment. Our employees collaborate to determine how they want to structure their work. After all, our teams know best which approach suits them and how to achieve excellent results.

Individual working time models according to company agreement

At Insta, we offer individual work schedule models based on our company agreement. Depending on your team, supervisor, and personal preferences, we enable you to choose your preferred work schedule. However, it is your responsibility to make a sensible decision based on your role and tasks.

The following work schedule models are available at Insta:

  • Hybrid Work - For example, one day per week or several team days in the office, with the rest of the time working remotely.
  • Fully Remote Work - Working exclusively from a remote location.
  • On-Site Work - Working exclusively from the office.

Parental/nursing shifts for our employees in manufacturing and logistics

For our employees in manufacturing who cannot work remotely due to logistical reasons, we offer part-time options based on individual preferences or life phases. In our parental/caregiver shifts, employees start at 8 am instead of the regular early shift at 6 am, allowing for better work-life balance. The conditions for parental/caregiver shifts are clarified on an as-needed basis and tailored to individual circumstances.