Culture & Values

We live in a culture where everyone can unfold and take responsibility to make the world a little better for tomorrow.

Our Mindset: Agility

For us, Agile work means being able to adapt to changes promptly in a dynamic environment. Agility, for us, is not just a working method but describes our mindset, characterized by self-responsibility, self-organization, and willingness to change. Rigid hierarchies are replaced by a focus on teamwork and participation, fostering an environment where everyone can fully realize their potential.

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Our philosophy: further development

Lean, for us, is more than a method or guideline. It signifies a culture of continuous improvement, eliminating waste driven by our employees. Lean is an ongoing process and, for us, a corporate philosophy that accepts and uncovers mistakes instead of hiding them. Problems are opportunities for continuous development.

> Lean Management

Our key to success: living values

Relentlessly pursuing innovations is deeply rooted in our corporate culture – in our thinking, processes, and self-perception. This culture is based on our four core values: people, community, progress, and success. They are the crucial foundation, providing us with a binding framework that motivates and promotes teamwork. They are the key to profitable growth and success.

> Code of Conduct

Our conviction: being sustainable

Sustainability is a key element of our strategy, deeply rooted in our daily business, corporate governance, and company values. We develop technologies that connect the real and digital worlds, empowering our customers to positively transform their industry. Our vision is to sustainably improve the lives and work of people. Only by taking this responsibility seriously towards humanity and the environment can we be successful tomorrow. As one of Germany's most innovative mid-sized companies, we see it as our duty to protect what matters most to us.

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