Series production

The manufacture of your products
and our logistics services

Our name stands for flexibility and customer service. We produce everything to meet your requirements, starting from small series up to larger series. Working on the principles of LEAN production, our modern shopfloor management ensures for constant production improvements of which your products benefit from.

Made in Germany

We regard „Made in Germany“ to be more than just an appellation of origin. We stand for quality, reliability and innovation. State-of-the-art SMT systems with a unique set-up concept which allows for maximum flexibility. Our fully automated production, the standstill-free set-up on two production lines and a final AIO control that ensures for a fast and safe production. It is not without reason that we are able to process more than 250 million components per year.

Our intelligent testing technology covers the entire value-added chain. A concluding quality assurance (QA) guarantees that your products are delivered to you in perfect condition.

Modern value stream design for optimised processing times

Cutting edge intra-logistics and a small parts warehouse with 25,000 container spaces ensures that every component is complete and readily available for further processing. Supported by our Kanban value stream design and with the storage locations being close to the workstations, we have been able to optimise the lead times and thus avoid bottlenecks.

We offer further logistics services for our customers such as the packaging of your products according to your specifications and delivery requirements.
So, please call us. We would be only to pleased to inform you about our comprehensive production & logistics service.

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Oliver Fauth



+49 2351 936-1896

Lifecycle Service

Particularly in the field of electronics where development moves at such a fast pace. We have our eye on this and are able to react immediately to any changes that could affect your product.