Lifecycle management

We are there for you –
right from the idea up to the product’s end-of-life management

The production of your product is now in full swing. Here, we support you with the product’s maintenance, the installation of the required updates and the upkeep of your apps (OS Management). You do not need to worry about any normative changes as we also have our eye on this and are able to react immediately to any changes that could affect your product.

Particularly in the field of electronics where development moves at such a fast pace, our Obsolescence Management undertakes proactive steps to provide you with all the relevant information that helps you to realign your strategy in time. With our retrospective optimisations for products, processes, supply chains and costs, we are able to provide you with an in-depth insight of where to make the appropriate adjustments.

It is important for us that our customers know that they and their products are our key priority. You can be rest assured that the production of your series will be carried out as agreed upon. We will ensure for the availability of all the necessary components when needed. Should components that are vital for your series be taken off the market, we will provide for an equivalent replacement. It goes without saying that our repair service is also at your disposal. We will quickly and reliably supply you and your customers with the equivalent spare parts and carry out any necessary repairs.

Customer service is just as important for your company as it is for ours. Here we support you and keep your FAQs up to date so that you can be reassured that your customers are always in the know. Should the end-of-life phase of your product be imminent, we will help you to make the right decisions in and on time, offer other possible alternatives and inform your customers about the changes.

We will be there for you throughout the entire life cycle of your product. So, please call us. We would be only to pleased to inform you about our comprehensive life cycle service.

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