From the concept to the product

On conclusion of the concept phase, the product samples development is then initiated. In order to achieve our goal reliably and quickly, we select jointly with you, the appropriate development processes right at the start. Falling back on our vast experience within this field, we have a wide range of possibilities at our disposal in which to design the product development process (PEP): In using our own designed Insta-PEP, we classically set milestones to control the progress of the project. And yet, we still have the possibility to work within the process in accordance with the V-Model, using agile, iterative methods or with the use of hybrids. Should you have any preferences regarding the process, then please let us know, we will of course apply the method you so desire.

Throughout the development of the first sample, we need to bear in mind the extensive normative requirements with regard to safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It is at this point of utmost importance that our many years of experience in the field of standards steps in.

We live agility

In using agile methods, we can iteratively further develop the initial product sample in so-called feedback loops. After each loop, we then have an enhanced version of the product sample at our disposal. Here we use modern rapid prototyping processes as well as the possibility of our own SMT production, even for small series.

Already in the concept phase we had already taken the legal and normative requirements for the product into consideration. We test EMC, product safety and compliance with standards and product-specific parameters throughout the course of the development phase. Our own in-house test equipment is readily available throughout the development. At the end of the development phase, all relevant results are then documented in a final report.

quality assurance

Once the development of the C-sample is finalised, your product then goes on to the quality management. Here, we check to see whether the product meets the requirements as laid down in the first step of the concept phase. Finally, and independently, the sample is checked for reliability and documented once again. After the quality management has given your product their approval, we then begin with the production of the D-samples. Here we test the production resources and the test equipment and should everything run along without any hitches, then the release for your product is given.

Production & Logistics

Our name stands for flexibility and customer service. We produce everything to meet your requirements, starting from small series up to larger series. Working on the principles of LEAN production, our modern shopfloor management ensures for constant production improvements of which your products benefit from.