You have an idea for a new product and do not know if it can be realised? Or you are not sure if your new product can be produced economically and fast enough? Let us support you with your project where we can help you gain a clear view of the possibilities and the possible stumbling blocks.

With every development process, starts a compilation of requirements. Our specially trained and experienced requirements engineers are there to assist you with this step. Along with you, they will clarify all the important aspects of the project, such as the functional requirements of your product, the conditions it may face and the safety standards that must be observed.

Based on the data gathered from the requirements survey, we can then create a rough concept where we will provide you with an initial overview of the expected work involved, its time frame, expenditures, the possible sales price and much more. Based on these prerequisites, you can then decide whether you wish to continue the project or not. As always, we are at your side to answer all your questions and provide you with further information if needed.

Should you wish to go ahead with your project, the next step is to break down the rough concept into a detailed concept. Here, we can precisely narrow down the key data, such as project costs, duration and the delivery price. This means even greater reliability for you. On doing this, we can then present you with the rough and detailed concepts set to a scale where we can simulate and calculate the different variants of your project. This means that you have the assurance that we can respond to your individual wishes at any time and with the transparency you have peace of mind.


On conclusion of the concept phase, the product samples development is then initiated. In order to achieve our goal reliably and quickly, we select jointly with you, the appropriate development processes right at the start.