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Real smart solutions.

Our solutions can be easily integrated into existing technology, turning every home into a smart home without any need for new lights, blinds, awnings or other electrical household devices. Our Zigbee modules are installed in the flush-mounted pattress, behind the existing control point or in the lights or suspended ceiling, so that they are invisible. Easy to configure and operate via our app, the moduls remain always ready for apps, voice control or manually used via switches.

NEXENTRO – Developed to inspire.

Plug & Light

Rethinking Light.

Plug & Light’s centrepiece is its light socket. The desired light attachment, which is interchangeable, is simply attached to the socket by means of a magnet, it is dimmable, can henceforth be integrated into standard smart home systems and is immediately ready for use. It is combinable with selected switch designs and provides for creative lighting designs on your wall or on the ceiling.

Plug & Light – it is as simple as that