Product Sheet




Product features

  • For ceiling mounting of the Plug & Light light socket with bayonet
  • Easy mounting at the ceiling with two screws (scope of supply)
  • Easy mounting of the Plug & Light flush-mounted insert with 2 screws into the canopy
  • Introduction of the mains cable from above or laterally through the shadow gap
  • Suitable to take up Plug & Light lighting attachments with a weight of up to 1.5 kg
  • Housing available in all standard colours


Ambient temperature +5 ... +35 °C
Storage / Transport temperature -25 ... +70 °C
Housing colour white (similar to RAL 9016)
Housing material Plastic
Height 44.6 mm (incl. shadow gap)
Diameter 102.6


Cover with bayonet

Cover with bayonet

The Plug & Light cover with bayonet is the mechanical and electrical interface to the Plug & Light system for mounting luminaires on the ceiling. It is mounted on the Plug & Light flush-mounted insert with a central screw and together they form the Plug & Light light socket. Now all that is missing is a suitable Plug & Light light attachment from one of our Plug & Light cooperation partners and the ceiling is beautifully highlighted.