The Hörmann KNX Gateway

A cooperation between the Hörmann KG and Insta GmbH

Smart building systems, such as KNX, have long been a standard in commercial applications and now with digitalisation and networking also becoming increasingly popular in the private sector, customers now wish for more convenient and secure control in the monitoring of their door and gate systems.

Simple connectivity to a Smart Building System with the aid of a KNX Gateway

The fourth generation of Hörmann garage door systems is equipped with an integrated communication interface (HCP bus) as standard. Via the HCP bus, the garage door’s drive is connected to various home automation systems by means of a radio module or system cable. Until now, however, Hörmann actuators had not been compatible with the Smart Building System KNX. For this reason, the gate and door manufacturer decided to develop a KNX gateway so that the drives could also function with KNX. Therefore, due to their sound expertise within the field of KNX, Hörmann decided to commission Insta GmbH with the task of developing the KNX Gateway. The already integrated HCP bus presented itself as being ideal for the connection with the KNX gateway. The KNX gateway was then so designed as to be integrated via a plug connection with the drive’s module slot.

The Hörmann KNX Gateway

In working closely together with Hörmann, Insta GmbH designed a powerful KNX Gateway which could be easily connected to Hörman’s fourth generation garage door drives by means of a plug connection.

Insta also developed an ETS5 database for the gateway to ensure for safe and fast commissioning and maintenance. A pre-selection of the drives used are available in the parameter window of the ETS database for the installer. By means of the pre-selection, function and status reports from the respective drives are automatically submitted for further project planning.

Flexible and suitable for various applications

The Hörmann KNX Gateway which Insta developed, can be easily connected to a wide range of industrial drives, thus, the door and gate drives of commercial and industrial facilities can be easily integrated into existing KNX installations. And yes, the Hörmann KNX Gateway is also available for end-users to monitor and control their garage and gate entrances via their own KNX system.

Important note:

The KNX Gateway described here was developed by Insta exclusively for the Hörmann KG and is available through the common Hörmann distribution channels.
The product database is available in the ETS online catalogue under "Hörmann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft".

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