Secure communication
within KNX networks

Manufacturer neutral KNX Data Secure Stack

A modern KNX system controls the light in buildings, regulates the room temperature, controls various building functions and generally makes life easier in many ways thanks to its intelligence and automation. However, networking also brings its risks with it, as every unsecured networked device can allow for unauthorised access from outside.

Customers and installation technicians therefore need a comprehensive protection concept that includes protection against manipulation, trouble-free and fail-safe operation as well as data backup. In order to meet these justified requirements, Insta was the first company on the market to have a certified Data Secure Stack for KNX installations that was manufacturer neutral. The KNX Data Secure Stack protects all critical parts of the installation against unauthorised access.

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Insta KNX Data Secure Stack

In order to achieve an effective and reliable protection for the KNX installation, the KNX Data Secure ratifies and encrypts the communication within the KNX network. In this way, telegrams are transmitted between their respective participants in a readable and yet tamper-free form. Commissioning processes with ETS as well as the runtime communication between the devices for visualisation of the device states are thus available at any time and resistant against unauthorised access.

The customer can also decide whether they wish their entire KNX installation to be protected or just selected areas such as the outdoor area, certain gate systems, etc. The Insta KNX Data Secure Stack is not only secure but offers this flexibility. Secure and conventional devices can be operated within the same KNX installation should the customer wish to upgrade to KNX Data Secure.

Form of delivery

A device certificate is attached to all Secure enabled devices. In using these certificates, the installing technician can commission the devices via ETS according to KNX Data Secure. We deliver the actuators and sensors KNX Data Secure and ready for use. On site, the technician then decides whether he wishes to plan and commission the devices according to KNX Data Secure or whether the system is to be conventionally operated as usual.

Our OEM customers can also choose whether they wish their devices to have a Secure capability. Should the customer decide against Secure, we will set up the devices in the manner as they were before.

Update via ETS Service App

Whether Secure or conventional - all our new devices are updateable. With our ETS Service App, the installing technician can easily and conveniently supply all connected devices with the latest firmware. Updates, upgrades, bug fixes etc. can be easily and quickly carried out so that your devices are always up to scratch.

If you are interested in Insta KNX Data Secure then please give us a call or simply write to us. We will gladly help you with any questions you may have.

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