Industry solutions


  • Connected sensors and actuators for your IoT business modell
  • Individual gateway solutions
  • Large partner network

Smart Home

  • Wireless systems
    (Zigbee, BT Mesh, Wifi)
  • Ready-made product solutions (NEXENTRO, Plug & Light)
  • Actuators (switching, dimming, blinds control)
  • Sensors (push-button interfaces)
  • Gateways (Zigbee - DALI)
  • Apps for commissioning and integration into existing systems

Industry electronics

  • Capacitive touch sensors
  • Displays
  • Electronics for use in harsh environments
  • Sensors for humidity, temperature, brightness, gases
  • Realtime systems

Electronics for
LED lighting

  • LED drivers (linear, PWM, hybrid)
  • SELV power suppply units
  • Ready-made product solutions (Plug & Light)
  • Embedded software for control of colour and/or brightness
  • Referenced colour metrics for RGB lighting control
  • Tunable White applications

The right solution for your industry

For 50 years now, Insta GmbH has been a reliable partner for various industries. With over 120 active patents, we are already shaping the future of technology. Communications and networking simply inspire us to push ahead. By means of innovative research and development, we connect not only technical products, but also people. In 2021, Insta has been rated again as being one of the 100 most innovative companies in Germany - and this for the third time after 2018 and 2019.

Our industry know-how in figures



active patents



KNX product on the market is developed by Insta



years of experience in development
and manufacturing



the first company to bring a new technology out onto the market

Our core competences

High-performance electronics for smallest installation spaces

Our electronics can easily control loads of over 2,000 watts and fit behind every wall switch. Throughout the various stages of development, measurements are taken by our own EMC test laboratories, we can therefore guarantee that our circuits will always comply with the latest standards and norms.

Wireless communication

We have always looked at building automation as also being a wireless communication. In 1998, what began with "instafunk" continues today with systems such as "eNet" or the Zigbee-based "NEXENTRO". We are pleased to point out to you that our current systems can be integrated into every standard smart home ecosystem and voice control.

KNX Hard and Software

Every 10th KNX product on the market originates from Insta. We are one of the founding members of the KNX Association and the first manufacturer on the market that has its own KNX Data Secure Stack. Our KNX products control the lighting, blinds and climate systems of buildings – irrespective what magnitude.


On a production area covering 7,000 m², we produce series with batch sizes from 1,000 to 100,000 pieces per annum. We are proficient in SMT and THT electronics production as well as assembly in one-piece-flow. As a “Staufen Best Practice Partner”, we resolutely implement the philosophy of LEAN production and are constantly improving this.

Our full spectrum of services

As a development partner, life cycle specialist and EMS service provider, we provide you with a complete service that covers and oversees your product. Fast, flexible, innovative and with the highest level in personal support. Whether small series/prototypes or large series, we give your industry the support that it needs.

Our services

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