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Successful hardness test in the heat:
Insta lighting solution stylishly sets the Olaya Towers in Riyadh in scene

The Olaya Towers, two imposing office towers in the central business district of Riyadh, capital city of Saudi Arabia, rise up almost 200 metres. The façades under construction were retrofitted by us with a customer-specific instalight 4010 LH in the year 2013. 

The customer had clear ideas about the illumination. He wanted continuous homogeneous lines for aesthetic lighting of both towers – and of course matching modern Arabic style. And in fact by fragments of Arabic decorative patterns appearing in the facade.

Illuminating enhancement in the Arabic style

The lighting from Insta should stylishly enhance the Olaya Towers as compared with the surrounding business district to support the letting of the two towers. And that for as long as possible, without failures and at any temperature. The temperature in Riyadh ranges between minus 10 and 70 degrees Celsius (mechanical) or up to 50 degrees Celsius (electronic). Yet not only the outdoor conditions presented a challenge, but also tricky special features on the buildings themselves. Mainly one: There were only very few power supply possibilities available to supply the partially 160 m long light lines.

Few power supply possibilities cleverly used

We developed a product variant to realise the project in Saudi Arabia that was challenging in a number of ways as desired. For seamless illumination without interruption, we linked up to 21 metres of our instalight 4010 with LEDLUX LH linear light inserts with each other – and thus avoided additional holes or cable ducts. Thereby we gained additional advantages as regards safety because the façade remains closed in this way and no further connections were required for the installers on-site. Whether dirt, moisture or insects: Nothing can affect the building shell. The warranty of the façade builder is also not compromised.

Long life, heat-resistant luminaires

The customer previously submitted our luminaires to a genuine hardness test to test the durability of our luminaires. In the scorching summer months, they were constantly exposed to temperatures of up to 65°C maximum – around the clock, 24 hours, over nine weeks. The strenuous test run was a complete success: The luminaires completed their task consistently as brilliant as on the first day. And they were impressive in comparison with previous tests with products from competitors. 

Operational reliability via KNX and product-specific design

KNX temperature and brightness sensors have been ensuring the lighting since then – and in fact so that it does not start until after dusk and reduction of the temperature. There was also an electrical variant of the installed power supplies for the Saudi Arabia mains voltage of 220 V / 60 Hz. The clever micro prism cover of our 4010 ensures the continuity of the light lines – and promises in the forecast operating time of 15 years that failure of individual LEDs is not visible to the eye. A super side effect that completely enthused the customer for our long life lighting solution during a demonstration. Finally, we have installed a total of 1510 metres of instalight 4010 with LEDLUXLH on-site. Since then, the Olaya Towers in the heart of Riyadh have been an absolute eye catcher during the day and night in the Saudi Arabia capital city.


Realisation: 2016

Building owner: General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), Riad, Saudi-Arabien/Nesma and Partners, Dschidda, Riad, Saudi-Arabien

Architect: Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants

Light planner: Al HRFA

Photo: Photographysaudia, Syed Mohammed Noornabi