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Shining Passage:
Thanks to the LED lighting technology from Insta, the Lippe Bridge in Lünen is an eye catcher that is visible from far away – during the day and night

The charming Westphalian town of Lünen unites the pulsing energy of the Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr Area) with the rural idyll of the Münsterland. The new construction of the Lippe Bridge, an important inner city connection, has further increased the attractiveness of the town and created a spectacular viewpoint. Our LED lighting technology was an important element here.

Imposing architecture and lighting technology

The town of Lünen, our customer, pursued a clear objective: The 44 metres long new river crossing– particularly for pedestrians and cyclists – should enhance the value of inner city bridges and, at the same time, create an attractive viewpoint in the form of artistically imposing architecture that is visible from far away. The requirements for the future illumination obviously followed this conceptional approach. In addition to the legally prescribed illuminance for roads, the new bridge lighting should mainly shine visually, particularly at night. In contrast, all luminaires should be unobtrusive in the background during daylight and make room for the architecture.

Discrete lighting at night

 Dynamic, slim, almost floating: This is how the imposing trussed arched bridge has been presenting itself since its opening in February 2016. You search for conventional light poles in vain here. Almost invisible, robust LED instalight 4020 light inserts have been integrated in the handrails for this on 42 metres from a height of 1.10 metres. At night, pleasant and glare-free light distribution is produced on the traffic routes, both for pedestrians and cyclists as well as for all types of motor vehicles. 

And there is another nightly highlight: The overwhelming central bridge arch – the supporting element of the river crossing with a height of 4.35 metres – provides a spectacular long-distance effect of the Lippe Bridge during darkness. The 60 cm thick steel round tube of the arch is illuminated by LED spotlights of the type instalight 3065 for this. Only four of the powerful narrow-beam compact spotlights are sufficient to put it in the spotlight at night.

Invisible basic lighting during the day

As desired, the luminaires are invisible during the day thanks to flush mounting in the handrail grooved tube. The LED light line system LEDLUX LH linear – discretely installed in bench seats on the centre of the bridge – makes the discrete basic lighting perfect. Integrated power supplies enable direct connection of the compact modules to 230 volts. This saves time for the installation and minimises the installation space. In addition to the high energy efficiency and ultra compact design, the LED technology on the Lippe Bridge shows another benefit. With a colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin and a high colour rendering index (over 90), our LEDs wrap the bridge in pleasant, warm light. Thus, the Lippe Bridge in Lünen is not only visually sensational but also provides orientation and safety to the users due to its comfortable light sources.


Realisation: 2016

Building owner: Stadt Lünen

Architect: Schülke Wiesmann Ingenieurbüro

Light planner: tecnoPlan GmbH & Co. KG

Photo: Boris Golz