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Developed by Insta
featured by Gira and JUNG

The clear benefit is the result when various expertises are newly brought together The development of the first light socket united specific competences: Because with Plug & Light, the excellent expertise of building-/switch manufacturers and luminaire manufacturers as well as lighting designers and architects are all combined.

Dock on to Plug & Light.
It’s spot-on for luminaire manufacturers.

The light engine is the universal light attachment in the Plug & Light system
and offers numerous extension options to quickly move into the Plug & Light world as you please.

  • Compatible with all Plug & Light certified light sockets
  • Variable light distribution possible with your selected luminaire design
  • Satined and black panels adjustable in three latch positions
  • Light colour either static or variable (warmdim)
  • Dimmable without flickering
  • 360° stepless rotation via magnetic axis and sliding contacts
  • Can be replaced during operation (hot-plug capable)
  • Painted according to your specifications
  1. Light attachment with LED technology and integrated optics
  2. PUK with electronics for comminication with the light socket

Dock on to Plug & Light.
Just the right thing for switch- and building system manufacturers.

Light socket (flush-mounted unit)

  • The flush-mounted unit fits for numerous standard appliance boxes from an installation depth of 45 mm.
  • 12 V (SELV protection) + permanently short-circuit proof
  • Combined power supply and control unit for all Plug & Light certified light attachments
  • Tested compatibility with a number of conventional dimmers
  • Warmdim process controlled via the phase angle of the dimmer
  1. Supporting plate
  2. Housing (upper piece)
  3. Power supply and control electronics
  4. Housing (bottom piece)

Light socket (cover)

The cover works as the mechanical & electrical interface with Plug & Light system.


  • Magnetic rotary axle for all light attachments
  • 3 gold-plated contact rings for energy + data transmission
  • Mechanical interlock (optional)
  1. Contact rings 360°
  2. Design cover
  3. Dismantling protection (optional)
  4. Magnet
  5. Design frame

Plug & Light
will inspire you.

  • Flexible lighting design
  • Easy exchange via the magnetic connection
  • Easy installation in standard appliance box
  • Versatile application and design options
  • Flicker-free dimmable LED light

My intention for Plug & Light was to establish a basis on which light, spaces and technology could merge as one and that this approach would lead us to a new inspirational consciousness which would accompany us for the rest of our lives.

 Tobias Link (Lighting designer and concept designer of Plug & Light)

Use the branding power
of Plug & Light!

Plug & Light partners profit in many ways: Not just with the start of a fully new concept which characterises the lighting of interior design. Insta accompanies you throughout the whole process in the development of your product. Superior product quality backed with a broad applications know-how and all the quality control phases also count to the benefits.

Follow this invitation and become a partner in this lighting innovation!