On target for Lean Production

Insta is Best Practice Partner of Staufen AG and Fuji reference customer

The Staufen AG counts among the leading Lean Management consultancies in Germany. As partner on the way to top performance, the globally operating consultancy supports companies in optimising their value-added and management processes and in rendering innovation- and product development processes more efficient. According to the renowned sector study "Hidden Champions“, since 2015 Staufen AG is among the best Lean Management consultancies in Germany.

Since the end of 2010 the Staufen AG also assists Insta on its way to lean production. Within the framework of Lean Transformation numerous common projects have been realised, like for instance unwasteful working systems, shopfloor management or cross-plant value stream optimisation. Aim is to achieve "value-added excellence", that is a maximum proportion of value added by optimally shaped processes.

In 2016 Insta made the leap to become Staufen "Best Practice“ partner. These are companies providing world-class in different sections or in the overall interaction of lean mechanisms. Further "Best practice" partners are among others JUNG, SEW Eurodrive, RECARO, BMW, DAIMLER AG and Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services. In these "Best Practice“ companies excellent solutions on the subject value-added excellence are practiced and presented to interested trade visitors as reference object in cooperation with Staufen AG.

In addition, in the past three years the Insta SMT-assembly has made a name for itself among the manufacturers of electronics with an intelligent set-up concept and cleverly devised logistics and thus is in the focus of trade press and expert conferences. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of SMT assembly lines, the company FUJI is always keen on taking potential customers to the Insta SMT assembly as reference address.

The operating systems developed and realised by Insta offer highest standards in interlinked processes – from THT assembly through to the packaging of the products – and are designed according to the lean concept. Thanks to the implementation of these operating systems, productivity in the relevant sectors could be increased considerably. Another positive effect was that stocks, lead times and delivery times could be reduced drastically.

Insta makes a point of ergonomic operating systems: working tables adjustable in height, special anti-fatigue floor coverings or luminaires for VDU workplaces developed by Insta are used. The surface luminaires type "instalight Flat“ are equipped with high-efficiency LED technology and provide for a homogeneous light perception without disturbing harsh shadows yet with excellent colour rendition. The employees are grateful for and motivated by the good vision and the resulting well-being during working hours. Another positive side effect is that the company saves energy costs by the high efficiency of the luminaires.