Discontinuation of all instafunk products by June 2017

Due to technical advances, our production of all components of the radio-based installation system instafunk will be discontinued after 20 years.

With eNet and eNet SMART HOME, our parent companies GIRA and JUNG as well as the associated eNet partners offer a modern, bi-directional radio system for your intelligent home. As specialist for OEM solutions, Insta undertakes to offer an overall service for all partners intending to integrate eNet into their products or to supplement the own portfolio bye Net SMART HOME solutions.

Remaining stocks of the instafunk products can be ordered until 12 June 2017 via Insta GmbH directly. Our parent companies GIRA and JUNG will continue to supply these products until end of 2017. So you can order replacements for existing systems via the wholesale or specialist trade.

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