Our partners

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KNX is a globally recognised standard for intelligently networking buildings with a bus system. As a founding member of the KNX Association, the subject of KNX has been a focal point of development for Insta for quite some time now and not only that, Insta has over 30 years of experience has been responsible for the development of every 10th KNX product on the market. Insta is the first manufacturer worldwide providing a certified KNX Data Secure Stack (TP & RF).

As a partner of Signify (former Philips Lighting), we work jointly on the vision to bring together, by simple means, the worlds of user-centred smart homes as well as professional and durable building technologies. Hand in hand in this partnership and along with our many years of experience within the field of electronic lighting control, we provide for our OEM customers as well as our end customers, new opportunities and user-friendly solutions to further enhance the experience of using Philips Hue products. On top of this, Insta is also a founding member of the DALI organisation and has over 20 years of experience in the development and production of innovative products using DALI technology of every description.

As a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (former Zigbee Alliance) and the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, we play an active role in the future of wireless networking within the smart home and smart building. We use established and leading-edge industry standards that allow us to provide our clients with interoperability and functional guarantee within these growing and dynamic markets. With a high level of implementation and a flexible technology platform, we are capable of delivering high-grade products which can dock onto large digital ecology systems.

Insta is a certified MFi Manufacturer for Apple Home Kit products “Made in Germany”. Together with our partner companies and our own “Home Kit” development skills, we are capable of creating those ideas, right through to ready-made solutions for Apple’s Smart Home System products and then offer these to our OEM customers. Together with reputable companies and quality brands from various home application sectors, Insta has a team which works in Network Universal Home and builds on the vision of the “house of tomorrow”. By means of visionary thinking, partnerships, a high-quality commitment and a higher level of implementation skills, we hope to create a quality of life as a common basis for the future for millions of people.