Innovations from the 'Sauerland' region

50 years of know-how

Remarkable, down-to-earth and cordial are the qualities of which we are proud of at Insta. Founded in 1970, Insta has kept its headquarters based in Lüdenscheid, in the Sauerland region of Germany. We love this region that we live and work in, with its amazing surroundings and rambling forests, its clear lakes and streams and the pretty towns and villages that so inspire us to invest in the sustainability of our company. We have been using renewable energy for our electricity supply for many years now and soon, we will be able to generate part of our own consumption by means of our new solar panels.

Down-to-earth and reliable,
flexible and innovative

Being a true „Sauerländer“ to its name, Insta relies on proven products whilst at the same time looks to the future. Inquisitive, agile and proactive, we also react to the fast pace of developments within the fields of electronics and software solutions and integrate them into our activities. Our down-to-earth approach sharpens our view for feasible and realistic solutions that can reliably support our customers. In 2021, Insta belongs yet once again to one of the 100 most innovative companies in Germany and this for the third time, following the years 2018 and 2019.

Being a region for small and mid-sized companies, the Sauerland is well-known beyond its borders. The “Sauerländer” are flexible and innovative and it is not for nothing that many global market leaders in the fields of lighting, automotive engineering, building technology and other technologies originate from our region (Source: ). The basis for this success is probably, amongst other things, the early industrial development that took place in the land of a 1000 mountains and its excellent location being in the middle of Germany.

Now and again it is said that we have a certain stubbornness and willfulness but we at Insta use this to our advantage. With creativity and perseverance, we develop the right solutions for our business partners within various industries. Our customer-centred and open approach ensures that our customers are always the focus of our attention.

With our intelligent OEM products, we see ourselves as the perfect partner for those many industries. We provide solutions for building technology, the smart home sector, transportation, medical technology and many other industries that are trend-setting. In Insta, our customers have an innovative and well-connected partner at their side who has not lost sight of the importance of the tried-and-tested and its sense of tradition.

At home in Lüdenscheid, the city of light

Lüdenscheid known as the “city of light” has light art and the staging of light and light design which are present throughout the city. Various companies that come from the lighting industry also have their headquarters here and it is here that Insta’s origins also lie. Just one year after the company was founded, Insta had brought out the first UP/AP dimmer onto the market.

Smart Home Systems

Since then, innovative control systems for light and lighting technology have been an integral part of our product range. This was later followed by the first motion detector on the market, the first wireless radio system (instafunk), the co-founding of KNX Association and the introduction of enet for smart home systems.