50 years of Insta

The history of Insta:
Remarkable from the beginning.

Born out of trust
and friendship

The three companies of Berker, GIRA and Jung jointly founded the company Insta Elektro GmbH. The joint idea behind this cooperation of the medium-sized companies was to allow for cost sharing and to mutually benefit from the development and the production in the field of electronics, serial production of niche components and the creative exchange of ideas over different levels. With the departure of Berker as a shareholder, Insta has been a subsidiary of GIRA and Jung since 2010.

The founding years

With a lot of pioneering spirit and great commitment, the young company of Insta starts its production of double sockets and PERILEX plugs and sockets for domestic installations. At the end of the year Insta already employs a staff of 35 workers.

Insta is ready for the future

Digitisation is changing all areas of life. We at Insta think primarily in so-called Smart Spaces. Environments which are located around people and which are permeated with intelligent, networked electronic components and systems. We bring technology to life.